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Sofia Vergara visits Mexico

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

I am a huge fan of Columbian born actress Sofia Vergara of the Modern Day Family comedy series, so of course I was thrilled that Sofia had decided to vacation in Mexico.

Sofia just got engaged with her boyfriend, Nick Loeb, and is celebrating her 40th birthday with him and her handsome son, Manolo, at the Rosewood Mayakoba spa resort in the Riviera Maya.

“Gosh, I read about the place, and wow, here is what they say,” Jim, “Surrounded by the jungle’s emerald embrace, Rosewood Mayakoba captivates the soul with stunning natural beauty and pure refinement—a 1,600-acre luxury resort enclave located south of Cancun and north of Playa del Carmen.”

“Sounds expensive, ain’t interested,” said Jim without looking up from his newspaper.

“Maryann, I just heard that Sofia Vergara might be stopping-over in Mexicali!” said an excited Matthew, as he came back home with some hot tamales for lunch.

“Here, these are the really spicy tamales that you wanted.” said, Matthew handing me the plastic bag of steaming tamales.

“No kiddin?” smiled Jim. “You always hear about these here movie star folks stopping over in Mexicali. The last time, it was Jennifer Aniston and then she went to Cabo!” Jim said, shaking his head. “C’mon, you don’t believe it, Matthew?” asked Jim peering up at him, over the La Voz newspaper he was reading.

“Now wait a minute, Jim, wouldn’t that be wonderful if Sofia Vergara came to Mexicali, oh, that would just be super!” I said.

“And what’s she gonna’ do, drop by and bring us a bag of tamales?” laughed Jim.

“You know it took Sofia Vergara 20 years in showbiz, to finally break thru’ into this comedy series on TV. I think she is a talented and beautiful woman. Also, she has brought women’s curves back into fashion!” I answered back.

“That’s right! We saw Sofia doing her skit this year on the Academy awards, and she is a riot!” added Matthew.

“She was funny. I’ll grant her that. But why would Sofia Vergara want to visit Mexicali?” asked Jim.

“Well, to see MaryAnn of course!” joked Matthew.

“Yeah, with a bag of tamales. Whoa—big-time brown nosing going on here, Maryann…he wants something!” smiled Jim getting up from our recliner, and heading off to the fridge.

“Alright Matthew. I see the brown spot on your nose. For dinner tonight, I’ll bake your favorite cornbread, and make my famous MaryAnn chili, with jalepenos, and ground beef.” I said. I use Carroll Shelby’s Original Texas Chili Kit, 4 oz Boxes, 12 pk it’s super, 1 diced red onion, add in beans, diced tomatoes, lean ground beef, cayenne, some jalapenos! I add a dash of Williams Chili Seasoning Mix 18 oz.

“Now when did you say Sofia’s comin’ to Mexicali, Matthew?” asked Jim, chomping down on a couple of pieces of cheese and crackers.

“Soon. Right after I finish the cornbread,” said Matthew, giving me a big hug.


4 comments to Sofia Vergara visits Mexico

  • Jen

    I’m making cornbread and chilli tonite! got your wonderful recipe tips!

  • Miss Hormone

    she’s hit the big 40, and it’s downhill all the way. this marriage aint’g onna last!
    Loeb’s facing Miss Premenipausal, LOL! it’s the truth!=###
    loeb’s her golden parachute.

  • fyi

    this Loeb guy is some rich dude, no one knows what he really does. related to the Lehman money.
    Loeb got sofia a 3 stone diamond ring, center stone is square, all about 8-10 cts.
    she probably has to sign a pre-nup.
    she hit the big “kaching”!
    Sofia get $200k for each episode of the modern family series.

  • Bunny

    Sofia;s so funny! I love your cornbread tips too@! i’m going to give your tips a go Maryann, I am postivie it’s going to taste yummy.

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