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A Bilateral Hernia Operation in Mexicali

Doctors Offices Mexicali

Doctors Offices Mexicali

Our dear friend, Robert, contacted us as he had a problem with pain in his lower abdomen. He lived in Phoenix, Arizona and like a lot of folks had no health insurance. Knowing us and of the great experience we had with healthcare in Mexicali, he decided to pay us a visit.

Robert came down on the Greyhound bus from a good five hour ride and arrived at 8:45am.

Jim picked Robert up at the Calexico Greyhound station which is right across the border from us in Calexico, and checked Robert into the Siesta Real Hotel.

After checking Robert into the hotel, Jim took him to see Dr Rosas, and a urologist that Dr. Rosas had called in for consultation.

The doctors checked Robert’s vital signs and the source of his pain-it didn’t look like a urological problem, but more like two hernias on either side of Robert’s lower abdomen.

That same day, Robert was sent in for his blood tests, and in for an x-ray of Robert’s colon.

With the tests completed that same day, Jim took Robert back to Dr. Rosas’s where Robert was diagnosed with two bilateral hernias. Robert’s colon was okay, but his platelet count was not right for an operation, so Dr. Rosas gave him a prescription for the platelets.

Two months later, Robert contacted us; he was ready for his surgery. Dr. Rosas faxed Robert a prescription for another blood test to get the platelet count. The laboratory in the U.S. accepted Dr. Rosas’s prescription, did the exam, and the platelets were okay and Robert was ready to go for the operation.

Again, Robert arrived by Greyhound and Jim picked him up and took him to the Siesta Real Hotel. This time, Robert checked in for three weeks. He had planned to stay at his brother’s home in Prescott Arizona, but last minute, his brother had to travel and those plans were changed.

Immediately after checking into the hotel, Jim took Robert to Dr Rosas. He explained to Robert that he had had to have another blood test, so no food until after the blood tests. After the blood test, Robert and Jim grabbed a quick lunch and chatted about family and friends. Then it was off for a chest x-ray, and finally to see the super best surgeon in Mexicali.

Doctors Office Mexicali

Doctors Office Mexicali

Robert couldn’t help but be impressed when he saw the surgeon’s office, and even more impressed when he met the fellow. Dr. Rosas was there, as well. The surgeon went over Robert’s tests, and examined him.

“Bilateral hernia,” said the surgeon, nodding to Dr. Rosas.

Turning to Robert, the surgeon said, “You will have your surgery at 8.30 tonight-you need to be at Hospital San Angel at 6:30. No food and preferably no water at all. You will stay one night at the hospital. Tomorrow morning, I will examine you and then you can be released.”

A surprised Robert said, “But I came all the way from Phoenix, overnight. I need to get some sleep.”

The surgeon answered, “Sure, you can sleep until the operation.”

Robert turned to Jim, who said, “These here guys sure ain’t dawdlin’ around.”

The surgeon handed Robert a pill and a prescription, “Here, before you go to the hospital take this pill. It’s an antibiotic. The prescription is for five more antibiotic pills. Take one a day for five days. There is also a prescription for a mild pain killer there, as well.”

“Thanks,” said Robert.

Next, the surgeon walked Robert down the hallway to see a cardiologist-no chances were being taken. The cardiologist examined Robert, did an EKG and gave Robert his report, telling him his heart was in good shape for the operation.

Jim drove Robert back to the Siesta Real, and, several hours later, at 6:00pm Jim and I picked him up and drove him to Hospital San Angel which was diagonally across the street from the surgeon’s office – or, as Jim put it, “Just catty-corner from the docs.”

We walked Robert to his room. He was surprised that it was a large single room and was quite happy with it. We wished him luck, and said we would see him tomorrow.

On our way out, the nice hospital coordinator, Lucy, told us that, for US$4.00, we could get the Medical Lane pass good for taking five people across the border to Calexico using the fast lane. Normally the trip is about an hour and a half, but, in the fast lane, it is only ten minutes.

Lucy told us that Robert’s surgery would take about one hour and a half, and that Robert would be in the recovery room for another two hours before he would be brought back to his room.

The next morning, we visited Robert at the hospital. He was feeling great! Robert told us that the evening before the nurse came in, inserted an IV drip, and that he woke up the next morning feeling great. Shortly after he woke up the surgeon and Dr. Rosas paid him a visit to tell him that everything went well and that his stitches would be absorbed, no need to remove them and to eat no solids for a five days.

Our friend, Robert is now recuperating wonderfully in the Siesta Real, a very relieved and happy man.

In just one day (what a day!), after getting off the Greyhound bus in Calexico, Robert had been successfully tested and operated on and was now resting comfortably in the Siesta Real with its TV, his laptop, his indispensable Samsung Galaxy cell phone (with every Android app imaginable), with no pain and hernia free!

“And at a fraction of what them guys in the USA charge,” added Jim.

“Now that’s healthcare!” I said.

Robert now lives in Mexicali. He rented a two-story three bedroom house, with garage (with an automatic garage door), and two central air-conditioning units (one for the bottom floor, one for the top) for $300 a month.


12 comments to A Bilateral Hernia Operation in Mexicali

  • Our friend Robert’s cost for a biliateral hernia operation was a single payment covering surgeon, hospital, etc. all in–far less than half of what we have seen in the US.
    The first step is to see Dr. Arturo Rosas, here in Mexicali he can tell you the cost. His office hours are Mon-Sat 9:00am to 2:00pm and 4:00pm until 7:00pm. Like most doctors in Mexicali, no appointment is needed. Directions to his office are on my site. If you need any help, let me know.
    God Bless,

  • Kathe

    Could you please be specific about what the costs were for the operation. I have no idea how much it would cost in the US.

  • Lee:
    Aside from the cost of blood tests etc. which are a small fraction of what they would be in the US, the operation itself including all the hospital expenses (private room, etc.) were less than half what it would be in the US. I can’t really commit the doctors to a price without knowing a bit more about your situation. Please feel free to contact me directly at

  • Lee

    Great article, could you give us a hint at want the costs for such an operation were? Thanks.

  • Abigail

    Dear MaryAnn and Jim,
    I have been praying so hard for my husband’s health, and I came across your blog!
    I read your post on your friend’s condition, and my questions have been answered.
    Abigail and Bill G

  • Indy:
    Plus the fact that Robert saved thousands of dollars by coming here, and getting the best treatment going. The doctors made him go through a bunch of tests to make sure he was fit to operate on.
    God Bless,

  • Sarah L

    Dear Maryann and Jim,
    thank you so much for your post! this makes me feel very secure and comfortable that my husband and I can afford healthcare in Mexicali.
    God Bless!
    Sarah and Dave L

  • Indy

    An really amazing post!Goes to show what a crummy healthcare system we have here.

  • Pete

    I love the pics you guys took! They are awesome!##2 my god, who knew?

  • Alex W

    I just read this! I’m very very impressed! thanks guys!!! I, too, have no health insurance.
    best wishes,
    Alex W

  • Sandy

    Maryann and Jim, this is fantastic information! i would never know???
    Now I know who to seek advise from.

  • Jonathan M

    I’m so impressed with the medical care that Mexicali has, dear Maryann and Jim!
    Your information on your friend’s surgery is very concise and detailed.
    I know that I am making a mental note of all of this.
    Thank You for giving us folks a detailed picture of what healthcare is like over at your end!…and an alternative!
    Jonathan M

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