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Will Hostess Twinkies come back thanks to Mexico?

Hostess Twinkies

Hostess Twinkies (GFDL photo by Larry D. Moore)

“Hey!” shouted Matthew, putting down his newspaper. “Says here that some Mexican guy is gonna take over makin’ Hostess Twinkies!”

“Lemme see that,” said Jim, grabbing the paper away from Matthew. “Well gol darn, ain’t that great, we’re down to our last two boxes of Twinkies in the fridge.”

“Nope, we got three,” I said.

“Whoopee!” shouted Jim and Matthew giving each other high fives.

“This has just been the worst week for us with Hostess Twinkies goin’ out of business in the states,” said Jim.

“Yeah,” added Matthew, “now we too are finally victims of the recession.”

“Nope, we three,” I said.

“Lookee here,” said Jim, looking at the paper, “seems as how this Mexican guy worth four billion bucks is gonna make Twinkies right here in Mexico!”

“So they’ll be cheaper here in Mexicali,” added Matthew.

“Yeah,” continued Jim, “this Mexican guy, Daniel Servitje Montull has this company Grupo Bimbo…”

“What a great name—Grupo Bimbo!” added Matthew.

Jim continued without breaking pace, “Says here that Grupo Bimbo is the world’s largest bread baking firm. It owns a part of Sara Lee, and Thomas English Muffins.”

“Geez,” said Matthew, “Mexico is takin’ over the U.S, just like they did with Corn Flakes!!”

Jim continued, “Bimbo made a low-ball offer of $580 million a few years back, now Hostess Twinkies may only be worth $135 million.”

“How much money do these Mexicans got!” exclaimed Matthew.

“Yeah but there’s two other companies tryin’ go get in on the deal, says here, ConAgra, and Nature Valley Granola,” said Jim.

“Well, I’m rootin’ for Bimbo,” said Matthew.

Jim looked at Matthew smiling, “What kinda American are you?”

“The kind what wants to see cheap Twinkies here in Mexico,” answered Matthew.

“Atta boy,” said Jim as he and Matthew did another high five.

Looking back at the paper, Jim said, “Seem as though Bimbo can make cheaper Twinkies because sugar costs a lot less in Mexico than back in the U.S.”

“Just like the gas, which is a lot cheaper here in Mexicali,” I added.

“Yeah, only $3.12 a gallon,” said Jim.

“Cheaper gas, cheaper sugar, cheaper Twinkies, cheaper everything,” said Matthew, “we’re as happy as pigs in…”

“Hang on there Matthew, we got no cussin’ in this here house,” said Jim.

I went to the icebox and pulled out a box.

“Have a Twinkie, boys,” I said.

2 comments to Will Hostess Twinkies come back thanks to Mexico?

  • admin

    A lot of questions, but here goes.
    Water – $5
    Electric – from $100 to $20 depending on the season
    Phone,Internet with Telnor – $45 per month and plenty of free calls to the US.
    Rent – $200 to $500 depending
    Gas – $30
    Satellite (no cable here) $58 with SKY TV – they stink and we are going to Telnor for around $35
    Car is registered in the USA – difficult and expensive to do here. Many Mexicans in Mexicali have California plates.
    We have Mexican and US insurance for about $400 a year. You get both in the USA.
    Banking done in USA. We pay our bills with our debit card. Pension or Social Security can be deposited in US bank.
    We do have a Mexican bank, but I think you need a visa for that. For Mexicali, no visa required.
    We have no cell-phone – Skype works great and costs virtually nothing even to call the states.
    If you live in Mexicali or near the border, get a Sentri pass – $195 for five years and will lower your wait time from 1 1/2 hours to ten minutes.
    If you live farther south in Mexicali and not in the free zone (Baja California is part of it), you will have a lot of complications with visas, your car, etc. etc.
    Check out our Mexicali FAQ for more
    Merry Christmas and God Bless,

  • Matt

    Hi Mary Ann

    It’s Matt in San Diego again. I was wondering if you could tell me how much your water, electric, gas, cable tv, internet and whatever other regular monthly bills that i am forgetting runs. if i remember right you said they were all quite inexpensive.
    Also i was wondering how you handle your car registration and insurance. do you have Baja plates with Mexican insurance or are you allowed to keep your U.S. plates etc? Although i would imagine the Mexican registration and insurance would be less? Do you pay most of your bills online? Also how do you handle your banking? Do you have an account at a U.S. bank and then just use a debit card to pay for things? Or do you bank in Mexico. I would be having a small pension from the airline that i would like to have direct deposited so not sure how that would work. Also your cell phone if you have one. would i be able to keep my service in U.S.? or would i maybe not want to and be more reasonable to get a cell phone provider in Mexico? Sorry to ask so many questions. It would be cool if there was a checklist of things one needs to do when making such a move. things that need to be transferred or set up etc. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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