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Grand Opening – June 28, 2013!!!

Jacumba resort pool

The Jacumba Hot Spr1ngs Spa-Lodge & Resort is having its grand opening on June 28 after a complete renovation. The hot springs are famous and healthful, and the high desert air at 2700 feet is clear and clean.

The resort is conveniently located in small town of Jacumba, CA just 70 miles east of San Diego, 46 miles west of El Centro and 107 miles west of Yuma the resort. Take the Interstate 8 Jacumba off-ramp, and it’s a short drive down to the green Jacumba valley to historic old US Highway 80 to and you can’t miss the resort.

Jacumba is a great place. It used to be for fancy Hollywood people way back in the 1920s and 1930s; the attraction being Jacumba’s hot springs. The water contains sulfur, which is great for the skin.

When we first went there, it was owned and run by a Swiss lady—who would have thought? Now the resort has changed hands and has undergone a complete and beautiful upgrade done by the well-known architect/builder Jesus Sanchez.

In 1919, rail service connected Jacumba to San Diego. By 1925, the town had a world-class hotel, the Hotel Jacumba. In the 1930s, Jacumba had developed into a top destination and had a population of more than 5,000. Many of the foremost movie stars and celebrities of the day regarded Jacumba as a prime destination for relaxation.

Jacumba’s success continued through World War II; however, as the southernmost California hot spring, it began to feel competition from more northern ones, including Palm Springs. After the new Interstate 8 bypassed Jacumba by two miles, most of the roadside service businesses folded and the community went into economic decline.

The old Jacumba Hotel closed and was destroyed by fire in 1983.

The new Jacumba resort is a beautiful place with two very large pools with spring waters, a sulfur hot tub, plenty of affordable rooms and high-speed Internet, flat-screen TVs—the works.

If you want to relax and escape the summer heat, Jacumba is the place to go.

Rooms facing the pool

Rooms facing the pool


Jacumba Hot Spr1ngs Spa-Lodge & Resort
PO BOX 371
Jacumba, CA, 91934

Phone:  (619) 766-4333, Fax: (619) 766-9017


The atmosphere is always casual. Escape to Jacumba and get away from all those things that keep you bottled up. For unwinding, there is also a cozy bar on the premises and a restaurant with international cuisine.

Jacumba resort bar

Jacumba resort bar


24 pool-side rooms with color TV
Individual climate control
Outdoor pool and sundeck
Indoor Jacuzzi
Massage Room
Restaurant and Bar


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