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Gold in Baja California!


Jim says, “Check this out!”

Jim is very excited about all the gold in “them thar hills, right here in Baja California, even withing easy driving distance of Mexicali!”

Maybe Jim is onto something. “I was up in these here mountains, east of Fresno, campin’ out at Huntington Lake. Well, one day, I went for a swim in a Sheep Thief Creek.”

“Sheep Thief Creek?” I asked.

Jim continued, “Yep, cool name, ain’t it? Anyway, here I was, under the water, when I seen a flash of light. Well, I just reached out and grabbed it—it was a rounded piece of granite studded all over with pieces of gold.”

“Wow,” I said, as though I hadn’t heard this story a million times, before.

“Yeah,” answered Jim, then laughing he continued, “back home my Momma said she’d better keep it for me, and that was the last time I ever seen the gol-darned thing.”

“Goodness gracious, sakes alive,” I answered.

“Yup,” said Jim, “so write this gold stuff up on your blog.”

“Yup,” I answered.

So here goes:

Baja California ranks eighth in Mexico as one of the largest states of Mexico in mining production.  It has 673 mining concessions mainly around Mexicali and Ensenada. These concessions occupy 4.2 million acres or 24% of Baja California.

Between 2009 and 2012, Baja California mines produced 17 tons of gold with a value of over $723,520,000 at today’s prices.

During this time, Baja California also produced 169 tones of silver, with a value of $102,246,400 at today’s prices.

The vast mineral wealth of Baja California has attracted private investments of over half a billion dollars from Australian, Canadian, American and Chinese companies. The region’s mining activity generates over 7,000 direct and 3 million indirect jobs.

These investments are not just for gold and silver, but include quartz, graphite and iron.

The area is rich in deposits of metallic and non-metallic minerals. In the area of Mexicali and San Felipe, there are deposits of gold and silver.

Chromium is found on the island of Cefros, and iron mines in Santa Ursula end El Manzano.

The region’s small riverbeds provide additional sources of gold for individual miners and campers visiting Baja California. However, proceed with caution, as some areas may be claimed by small outfits or even individuals.

Placer gold deposits in streams or streambeds are the best option for small-scale miners and prospectors, as mining can be done with reasonably small costs. A small-scale place miner can exploit small, rich accumulations of gold in which large mining companies would not find attractive,

Alluvial deposits are the most common type of placer gold deposit. This includes gold in river and stream placers, which formed in well-defined channels.

In fact, placer deposits yielded over 60% of the world’s gold production.

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