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Baja California tourism booms – Mexicali Hotel Occupancy up 6%

BAJAFor Mexicali, the increase in visitors is due largely to medical tourism. For the rest of Baja California it is for “normal” tourism, mainly to the coastal areas. Fewer tourists head for the Valle de Guadalupe, the great wine producing area, just several miles south of the U.S. border.

Celebrities are flocking to Baja California, including Jennifer Anniston, CNN’s Anthony Bourdain, TV star and Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband Jesse James.

The Baja Film Studios is located just 30 minutes south of the U.S. / Mexican border.

Originally built for the Twentieth Century Fox epic Titanic, the Baja Film Studios is a movie production facility.

The place is huge, taking up 46 acres with more than 3,000 feet of ocean front just south of Rosarito, Baja California. Go there to see the Titanic. Other films made at Baja Film Studios includes: MGM’s Tomorrow Never Dies, Dreamwork’s In Dreams, Warner Brothers Deep Blue Sea, Phoenix Pictures Weight of Water, Fox’s Kung Pow, Disney’s Peal Harbor, and Fox’s Master and Commander The Far Side of the World. Celebrities who have worked at Baja Film Studios include Sylvester Stallone, Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson, and most recently Robert Redford.

When in the area we always stay where Rita Hayworth stayed—at the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

The office of the Baja California Secretary of Tourism has reported the highest summer visitation numbers from Memorial Day to mid-July in more than five years.

Baja California’s hotel occupancy for the first half of 2013 is up 6% from last year. There were approximately 75,000 more vehicles registered on beautiful Scenic Highway 1 in 2013 compared to last year. Additionally, many cities have made considerable occupancy gains from first-of-the-year comparisons, which include year-over-year increases in Tijuana of 9% and Mexicali 6%.

Tourists, especially Americans, have been drawn to such events such as SCORE International’s San Felipe 250 and Baja 500 off-road races. Jesse James who drives regularly in these races says they are the most difficult in the world.

The Newport Beach, California to Ensenada Regatta saw 25% more people in 2013 than in previous years.
Planned for next year, are several new cruise ships which will come to the Port of Ensenada for a projected 65% growth rate compared to 2012. Princess Cruises will be adding seven more arrivals of the Crown Princess and the Sapphire Princess, while Carnival Cruises will bring in the more ships to Ensenada, for a projected total 707,000 cruise visitors. This surpasses 678,000 passenger arrivals in 2007, previously the biggest year in the Ensenada’s history.
Three quarters of all Baja California’s cruise ship visitors come from Southern California—not surprising!

Due south of Mexicali, the beach destination of San Felipe on the shores of the Sea of Cortez, is only a two hour drive (at most) from the border at Calexico. The trip will take you through Mexicali for an additional bonus.

The best information on tourism in Baja California is at

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