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Gunmen kill three in Los Algodones

Los Algodones

Los Algodones

Gunshots broke out in the downtown area of Los Algodones, when four masked men executed three victims at the Laboratorio Samaniego.

The laboratory supposedly makes dental accessories.

The shootings took place on Friday late afternoon, March 28th.

Allegedly, the cause was an on-going drug war in the area.

The deceased were identified as:

  1. Francisco Samaniego Martínez , nicknamed “El Pancho Loco,” shot 12 times.
  2. Pedro Eduardo Ibarra Robles , 25, alias “El Cara Cortada”  (Scarface)who was shot through the left eye and with another five bullets in his body.
  3. Isaias Lizarriga Borques, 29, a dental lab technician who had nothing to do with the other two, but that is still under investigation.

El Pancho Loco, and Scarface were allegedly engaged in drug dealing .

The four masked killers, according to sources close to the case, were in a blue green 1994 Honda Accord with Arizona plates.

Laboratorio Samaniego is in the area of Third Street, and an alley known as “Hawaii,” after the name of a popular nearby bar. The bar did not close after the attack.

Preliminarily reports are that the gunmen used pistols to shoot all three victims, two who were behind desks and the third at the laboratory’s entrance.

Sources reported that the investigation of the murders allegedly centers on disputes over drug dealing issues.

Stores on Third Street reported that the shots could not be heard due to street noise and music from the Hawaii Club.

According to some residents of Los Algodones, the deceased, Francisco Samaniego, “El Pancho Loco,” is a resident of the town.

Eduardo Ibarra, also dubbed as “El Lalillo” is younger and, according to residents, is the son of “El Guero Ibarra,” owner of a local workshop. Little information has been reported on the third victim.

So far, no one has been arrested for the triple execution.

2 comments to Gunmen kill three in Los Algodones

  • Rob:
    Yes, really bad for Los Algodones. Mexicali is much safer as, in the northern part, it is crawling with police. However, Los Algodones is much better for food, convenience and atmosphere. When we go to Los Algodones, we always eat at Pueblo Viejo, and shop at one of the nearby pharmacies, all very close to the border (and the police).
    God Bless,

  • Rob A.

    MaryAnn, hi……This is very scary stuff to me. I was going to go down to Algodones to have some further dental work done in a couple of weeks but now I am going to Mexicali instead after reading this. How awful for Algodones as it’s lifeblood is Americans fleeing American prices for dental care and health care and meds. If this continues, Americans and Canadians will stop coming and it will just slide on down. Very depressing development indeed. Rob A. Phoenix, Arizona

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