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Our second trip from Mexicali to San Felipe

Stingray wound in San Felipe

Stingray wound in San Felipe

Jim and I decided to drive down to San Felipe for Easter. The place was packed with people.

Stingray attacks were the order of the day in San Felipe. The Department of Public Safety reported that at least six people suffered these attacks during the Easter holiday.

Most of these incidents occurred quite near the main boardwalk, just where most of the folks were going for a dip in the water.

The wounded were attended to by local paramedics and the police. Some of the victims were rushed to the Municipal Health Service building.

Jim saw it all happen, and said “Ain’t no way I’m goin’ into that water. If one of them there stingrays gets you in the heart, you are dead on the spot, just like that Australian guy.”

So we passed on swimming or even walking on the beach and opted for a nice lunch far from the beach.

After lunch, Jim said, “Best be getting’ back to Mexicali before dark. The highway between Mexicali and San Felipe is a pretty lonely road and we ain’t pickin’ up no hitchhikers.”

We decided to gas up for the 130 mile trip back to Mexicali as there are no gas stations on the road. Also the road is still not completely finished—even after eight and a half years of work. Also, you  can be slowed down by the military checkpoints looking for illegal guns and drugs.

One of the most serious problems during the holiday period is drunken driving. It has been estimated that around one in six drivers on the road is under the influence, particularly on the return to Mexicali on Sunday.

This was only our second trip to San Felipe. On our first trip we made the mistake of driving back in the dark. The highway is not lit, and the only sign of life we saw on that trip was a terrible accident where two cars went off the road.

We were back safe in Mexicali just before dark!

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