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Mexicali Welcomes Uni-Pol’s Expansion to the Americas

Mexicali, December 17, 2014: Mexicali is the chosen site for a major expansion for the Uni-Pol Group in the Americas. The site will be a 52,000 square foot metal casting facility employing 250 people. With plants in India and China, Uni-Pol seized on the opportunity to have a facility in Mexicali, right on the United States’ border. Its products will serve both the automotive and medical device industries, including one major automotive and one medical devices companies. This will be Uni-Pol’s first facility in North America.

Uni-Pol worked with the Industrial Development Commission of Mexicali (IDCM) to do a full analysis for its new production facility. According to Victor Delgado, General Manager for the new Uni-Pol plant, IDCM was very helpful in providing information for Uni-Pol as it worked through the site selection process, including location assistance, understanding utilities, and getting to know the skills available in the workforce. In July, 2014, Uni-Pol made the decision to invest in Mexicali and purchase an existing industrial building in the Cucapah Industrial Park.

Uni-Pol is preparing to begin production by February 2015, which will lead to the hiring of 250 residents of Mexicali.

The City of Mexicali Mayor Jaime Diaz said, “Mexicali is pleased that Uni-Pol chose to invest in Mexicali for its first plant in the Americas. We welcome the company to our ever growing automotive industrial sector in the region. The investment this company made in our city shows how Mexicali is competitively positioned in the global market with its strategic location and high quality workforce.”

“We are pleased Uni-Pol chose Mexicali to expand its global operations. We thank our local industry for inviting this important supplier of theirs to explore Mexicali as an option. The staff at IDCM should be commended for their work in helping this company learn about our city, select a building to purchase, and see how the educational system in Mexicali produces the workforce Uni-Pol needs to produce their high quality products,” said Alfredo Garcia, President of the Industrial Development Commission of Mexicali.

It makes a lot of sense to manufacture in Mexicali which is so close to and well-connected with the United States.

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