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UFOs over Mexicali?

New Years Eve was extremely cold here in Mexicali. The night-time temperature has been dipping down to freezing for several days now and is set to continue for about a week. Like most houses in Mexicali, we have great air-conditioning, but no heat and have to rely on some puny electric heaters. If we can make it to 70 degrees, we are doing great.

This and a bit of common sense caused Jim and I to decide to spend a quiet New Years Eve at home in Mexicali. We stayed home—safe and sound. I rustled up a makeshift dinner of leftovers and Jim and I sat down to enjoy the festivities on TV.

As midnight approached, the fireworks outside increased. We are used to it, even to the house smelling like gun powder. Jim is not the kind of guy who likes to sit still for long, so he went out in the freezing cold to watch the fireworks. We can see them looking south from our house as there is a stadium about half a mile away.

After a bit, Jim came back inside. “There’s a couple o’ flyin’ saucers out there, gettin’ the camera,” said Jim.

“C’mon Jim, those are just part of the fireworks,” I said.

“Nope. These are orangish lights way above the fireworks. Movin’ slowly north. The one I saw just dimmed out and disappeared.”

“OK, Jim, but I’m watching Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga,” I said.

Got no answer from Jim, other than to see him pass in front of Tony Bennet with his camera, and out the door.

About 20 minutes later, Jim returned, “Got two of them there UFOs. First one dimmed out real quick, second one kept on flying for some time and then dimmed out too.

“Sure, Jim. You missed Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga.”

The next morning, Jim printed out his photos of the UFOs. I took a look, and all I could say was, “Well, I do declare.”

Here are the photos – yes of the UFOs – Jim was  right!

“Ain’t I always,” he laughed.

Here's the first UFO, before it dimmed out

Here’s the first UFO, before it dimmed out


Here is the second UFO just coming into view.

Here is the second UFO just coming into view.


Here's the second UFO going north.

Here’s the second UFO going north.

Here's the second UFO (and the Moon) just before it dimmed out

Here’s the second UFO (and the Moon) just before it dimmed out



6 comments to UFOs over Mexicali?

  • Peter:
    Most of the career or part time job opportunities for expats living in Mexicali are across the border in Calexico or El Centro.
    God Bless,

  • Peter

    I flew some Chinese lanterns and I thought to myself these would be ideal for a UFO hoax, so I don’t Blame Jim for making that mistake. I spend a lot of time looking for OVNIs (UFO’s in Spanish) and have yet to spot anything unfortunately. By the way, I know Mexicali very well and your blog really helped. Mexicali is a great place as long as you don’t need to keep up a career. Any suggestions in that area would be welcome.

  • Esteban:
    Thanks for the clarification. You are absolutely correct that what we saw were “globos de cantoya” and not UFOs. They were beautiful floating over Mexicali!
    God Bless,

  • Esteban

    These are not UFOs, actually are “globos de cantoya” a sort of small home made hot air balloons for special celebrations and are a very old tradition in Southern Mexico.

  • Ivette:
    I agree. We saw something quite unusual – a UFO – and are sure it was not an airplane – moving too slow and appearing as a bright orange light. I am surprised that more readers did not notice.
    Glad you really like our blog.
    God Bless,

  • Ivette

    Yep, everyone has been talking about UFOs in Mexicali for a while now. At first I almost laughed but then I actually saw some so I think people definitely aren’t making it up ’cause I do have seen some. So strange

    Btw, I’m a Mexicali native and I really like your blog

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