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Young Australian girl dies in Mexico during butt implant

An Australian woman who went to Mexicali, Mexico, to get implants in her butt suffered a fatal cardiac arrest during the procedure, which was being performed by Dr. Victor Ramirez, a plastic surgeon who once got into a legal squabble with reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Evita Nicole Sarmonikas, an artist from the city of Gold Coast on Australia’s eastern shore, traveled to Mexico with her boyfriend, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Sarmonikas’ cousin, Nick Tsagalias, confirmed that the 29-year-old went into the Hospital Quirurgico del Valle in Mexicali on Friday for a butt augmentation procedure. An autopsy performed in Mexico revealed that she died of a heart attack.

(The Hospital Quirurgico del Valle was where I had my Tarlov Cyst surgery. I wrote a blog about it in 2009.)

“She was the best human being I have ever met,” Tsagalias told the Bulletin. “She was really so pure and innocent, so it’s just not fair that this has happened to her.”

In 2012, Dr. Ramirez used a picture of Kardashian in a billboard promoting his practice.

The Hollywood celebrity, who has never acknowledged going under the knife to alter her famous derriere, claimed he used her image without permission and threatened to sue.

I wrote about the infamous billboard back in 2012.

Mexicali's Kim Kardashian Billboard

Mexicali’s Kim Kardashian Billboard put up by Dr.

Ramirez took down the ad.

Sarmonikas’ relatives are demanding that her autopsy is done in Australia, not Mexico. “We cannot accept her coming back as ashes because we need to find out the truth about what happened,” the cousin said. “Eva didn’t deserve this.”

Sarmonikas’ mother, Maria, and sister Andrea flew to Mexico this week in the hope of taking her body back to Australia.

“Evita was a vibrant, loving individual who will be sadly missed and leaves a big hole in our family,” the page reads.

I know of only one good plastic surgeon in Mexicali, Dr. Adrian Manjarrez at

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