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Money Laundering and Mismanagement in Calexico – Viva Mexico!

Money Laundering

No stinkin' badges

No stinkin’ badges

Rabobank’s Calexico branch was receiving so much cash that extra armored truck visits were required to haul off all the U.S. dollars being deposited.

This was due to huge deposits being made from businesses across the border in Mexicali. This all began way back in 2010.

The armored car trips, may be due to money laundering. Rabobank’s Calexico branch was closed earlier this year as U.S. investigators checked the bank for money laundering by the drug cartels.

For similar reasons, perhaps, the Calexico branches of Banamex and Bank of America were also closed.

Rabobank, a Dutch bank based in Utrecht had been involved in an interest-rate scandal a couple of years ago. Now Rabobank has decided that it accounts in California would be limited to U.S. residents.

One of the suspected money launderers made huge deposits into a Rabobank account linked to the relative of a Calexico bank official.

Back in 2011, the U.S. seized assets from Rabobank accounts belonging to suspected money launderers, so this has been going on for some time. One of the accounts was linked to a Mexican cocaine-trafficking operation. In September, assets were taken from the former owner of a Calexico-area car dealership right on Imperial Avenue who admitted to laundering the proceeds of drug trafficking.

With Rabobank, Banamex and Bank of America being forced out of Calexico, the city is left with only Wells Fargo and Union Bank – and who knows what is going on in those banks. But what difference is that going to make? The money launderers, can drive to the Rabobank branch in El Centro which is only a couple of miles north – and they can easily afford the gas.

The money laundering scandal follows on the scandal involving the Calexico police department where things are so bad that a new police chief had to be brought in from Los Angeles.


On top of all of that, California Joint Powers Insurance Authority Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Shull will recommend the cancellation of Calexico’s liability insurance coverage, workers’ compensation and building insurance programs. This is because Calexico has not taken care of its affairs properly.

Of particular concern is the high rate of turnover several of the city’s key executive management positions have seen in recent years, including city manager, finance director and police chief.

Part of the problem is that, in comparison to similar cities, Calexico has by far the highest dollar amount of workers’ compensation claims.

As such, Calexico stands to lose its insurance coverage on January 1, 2016 and Calexico would have to pay millions of dollars for unpaid claims.

Mexican exchange rules in Calexico

Mexican exchange rules in Calexico

Collapse of the Mexican Peso

The collapse of Calexico’s banks and police department is followed by the collapse of the Mexican peso and the imposition of money-laundering restrictions on purchase of Mexican pesos with dollars. We took a photo of the new money exchange rules at a money changer’s in Calexico. The guy was screaming at us since I guess they want to keep all this undercover.

Americans need not apply

If you are an American who does not speak Spanish, employers in Calexico might as well put up a sign, “Americans need not apply.” You can’t get hired in Calexico or the surrounding area if you don’t speak Spanish – but you do not have to speak English! There are plenty of people working at Walmart in Calexico and El Centro who don’t speak a word of English.

Viva Mexico!

So what’s the bottom line?

Feds say 179,027 criminal illegals are loose on U.S. streets, and, in addition, nearly 1 million immigrants have been ordered deported but remain free in the U.S., according to the Senate immigration subcommittee.

The level of criminal behavior by immigrants, not just illegal, but legal as well has become a key part of enforcing immigration, border fencing and birthright citizenship.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency that detains and deports illegal immigrants, appears helpless to do anything about the situation, stating, “ICE is unable to statistically report on the number of aliens who have been arrested for criminal offenses.” This includes sanctuary cities of which only about half have expressed interest in cooperating with ICE.

To be exact, there are 918,369 immigrants living in the U.S. who have been ordered deported including the 179,027 who have criminal convictions.

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