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This system teaches you Spanish, the easy way - not the academic way. With only 138 words you will be speaking Spanish.


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The best – we’ve promoted them since 2008 with a huge response!

Mexico Insurance

The Best Vet in Mexicali. People even bring their pets from the USA to see him!!

Dr. Rafael, the best veterinarian anywhere; he's close to the border, speaks English and has lived in Arizona! Click on his card, below, to send him an email!Click

The best lawyer we have ever used! Her office is in Calexico and she is licensed both in California and Mexico.

Christian Limon, is with the Marcus Family Law Center, PLC, in El Centro (founded in 1974). She brings a comprehensive set of skills and expertise to assist her clients. She is licensed as an attorney both in Mexico and California, with her international practice in California and Mexicali. Her emphasis is family law, including cross-border custody and family support issues. Christian is also experienced in cross-border contracts and bi-national litigation (civil, commercial, family, and labor), advising several US companies in Mexico, including real estate development and maquiladora operations.

Christian is a Spanish/English interpreter with a focus on legal documents and legal proceedings, as well as a California Notary. She is a member of the California BAR, Imperial County Bar Association, ANADE (Mexican Association of Corporate Attorneys) and AEM (Mexican Entrepreneurs Association).

Marcus Family Law Center, PLC

Help in the Days of the Pandemic (something we all need)

In 2017 Walmart Opened 79 New Stores in Mexico!

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Jim and I feel real at home in Mexicali because we live quite close to Mexicali’s Walmart.

It is a good thing for Mexicans and expats that Walmart México opened 79 new stores in Mexico last year in 2017, most of them under the Aurrera, Aurrera Express and Mi Bodega brands. But it is also angling for more online sales. This year, 2018, Walmart will begin offering free wireless in most of its stores throughout Mexico.

So far, Walmart has opened 29 stores in central Mexico, 22 in western states, 18 in the north and 10 in southeastern states, creating 4,619 new jobs and 9,120 indirect sources of employment.

In addition to that, two new Sam’s Club stores opened in Mexico City, representing a reactivation of the brand: the last new Sam’s Club opened its doors in 2014.

Walmart is betting that 2018 will be a good one for e-commerce. It announced last month it would install free Wi-Fi in all but one of its stores by mid-year. This includes, Walmart Supercenter, Superama, Sam’s Club, Bodega Aurrera, Mi Bodega Aurrera and Bodega Aurrera Express.

Of these, all but the warehouse-style Bodega Aurrera Express will offer wireless connectivity to its customers. The wi-fi service is already available at the members-only Sam’s Club stores.

Walmart hopes that free Wi-Fi access will help Internet-resistant shoppers to become more comfortable online and ultimately boost Walmart’s growing online e-commerce business, which represented less than 1% of Walmart’s third-quarter sales.

Bringing Wi-Fi to its stores and customers will also allow Walmart to collect data from users of its website, helping to personalize offerings in stores and online with the ability to quickly adjust inventory levels and prices.

Walmart has learned a lesson from Amazon and hopes to become a major on-line presence.

Amazon will soon cap off another banner year: The Internet giant is expected to win roughly half of all online shopping sales this holiday season. But Amazon’s greatest rival, Walmart, wants to beat Amazon at its own game: Walmart recently announced that it grew its online sales 50% year-on-year in Q3 2017. As the de-facto leaders of U.S. retail, the two companies are each spending heavily in an attempt to unseat the other.

The two retail giants have been stepping on each other’s toes lately. Amazon’s $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods can be seen as a defensive move against Walmart’s thriving grocery business. Amazon is also playing offense: The company is going after Walmart’s customer base by offering a discounted Amazon Prime membership to low-income consumers.

Back in 2016, Walmart began an e-commerce buying spree, gobbling up firms such as, ShoeBuy, Moosejaw, and Bonobos. The company earlier this year rolled out free two-day shipping for all orders over US$35, and is experimenting with paying workers overtime for delivering packages on their commute home.

So, what’s the advantage for Walmart? First, it is still a much larger company, with revenues of nearly half a trillion dollars—nearly four times Amazon’s. That scale alone enables it to put a much bigger squeeze on suppliers. Second, Walmart generates a large profit—and generates it today.

Walmart’s main revenue driver is its brick-and-mortar retail business, which continues to gain steam amid a world of collapsing retail stores. As of October 2017, more brick-and-mortar store closures had been announced than in any other single year on record. In this low-margin environment, cost efficiency is key—and nobody does cost efficiency better than Walmart, a company that uses its clout to negotiate favorable deals with suppliers and finance its “Everyday Low Prices.” While the rest of retail craters, Walmart plans to add 10,000 retail jobs and 59 new/renovated properties by the end of the fiscal year.

So, what does the future hold? For one, both companies acknowledge that tomorrow’s retail likely will be a blend of online and brick-and-mortar. As TechCrunch columnist Sarah Perez puts it, “Amazon wants to become Walmart before Walmart can become Amazon.” However, the fact is that it may be easier—and cheaper—for Walmart to become Amazon. Walmart has already shown that it is willing to spend big on top tech talent. It would be a lot tougher, on the other hand, for Amazon to pour enough concrete to become a brick-and-mortar powerhouse while still maintaining the company’s culture.

Whoever wins, both Walmart and Amazon may very well outperform the broader market in the years to come. But don’t be surprised if Walmart eventually emerges on top. In Mexico, for one, Walmart is way ahead of Amazon. This presents a major benefit not only for Mexico, but for Americans who live in Mexico and are used to shopping at Walmart.

Mexico continues to move forward, rapidly, to make shopping easy and convenient for all Mexicans and ex-pats, alike!

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