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Mexico Insurance

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Christian Limon, is with the Marcus Family Law Center, PLC, in El Centro (founded in 1974). She brings a comprehensive set of skills and expertise to assist her clients. She is licensed as an attorney both in Mexico and California, with her international practice in California and Mexicali. Her emphasis is family law, including cross-border custody and family support issues. Christian is also experienced in cross-border contracts and bi-national litigation (civil, commercial, family, and labor), advising several US companies in Mexico, including real estate development and maquiladora operations.

Christian is a Spanish/English interpreter with a focus on legal documents and legal proceedings, as well as a California Notary. She is a member of the California BAR, Imperial County Bar Association, ANADE (Mexican Association of Corporate Attorneys) and AEM (Mexican Entrepreneurs Association).

Marcus Family Law Center, PLC

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US Dollar Peso Exchange Rate

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20 Pesos now only worth about one US dollar

20 Pesos now only worth about one US dollar

The US dollar-Mexican peso exchange rate was very stable in 2019!, despite a lack of economic growth and a lot of noise in the news about the financial difficulties of the state-owned oil company Pemex, which could also cause problems for the government’s international credit ratings.

During 2019, the dollar’s low was  $18.75, and its high was $20.15 pesos per dollar, indicating the peso’s stability.

At the end of 2019 the peso closed at $18.90 pesos per dollar; compared to 2018 it closed at $19.66.

All of this seems incredible as when I, Mexicali Maryann, moved to Mexicali eleven years ago, the peso stood at 12.50 to the dollar.

Several things helped to make the peso such a good performing currency against the US dollar in 2019.  Mexico kept to  its budget deficit targets. This was difficult as Mexico’s economy had basically no growth. In addition Mexico had a positive trade balance as exports exceeded imports, something many countries, including the US could not achieve.

Going ahead, the peso will be helped by the ratification of the US, Mexico, Canada trade agreement, USMCA.

Still, even though Mexico is doing well, the exchange rate is expected to end this year at 20 pesos to the dollar. This stability against the dollar is good news not only those doing business with Mexico, but with the tourism sector, as well.

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