Synergy Spanish

This system teaches you Spanish, the easy way - not the academic way. With only 138 words you will be speaking Spanish.


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Shortcut to Spanish

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These terms are given for free! For a full course and options , just click on Synergy Spanish
1.a fin de cuentas: after all/ when all is said and done
2.a lo mejor: maybe/perhaps
3.a partir de: as from/as of
4.a pesar de: in spite of/despite
5.a propósito: by the way/on purpose
6.acabar de + infinitive: have just revés: upside down/inside out

8.boca abajo: face down
9.boca arriba: face up

10.¿Cada cuánto?: How often?
11.caer bien: be fond of/like (a person)
12.cerrar con llave: to lock
13.cómo no: you bet/of course
14.como si: as if/as though
15.costar mucho trabajo: to be hard to do
16.creo que sí: I guess so/I believe so
17.cuando mucho: at the most
18.cuanto antes: as soon as possible/at once
19.¿Cuánto tiempo?:How long?/How much time?

20.dar a luz: give birth
21.dar por sentado: to take for granted/to assume
22.darse cuenta: to realize
23.darse por vencido: to give in/surrender ahora en adelante: from now on al lado: next door hecho: in fact/actually ida y vuelta: round trip la noche a la manana: overnight ninguna manera: no way/absolutely not nuevo: once again/once more repente: suddenly/all of a sudden todos modos: anyway una vez: once and for all vez en cuando: every now and then
35.dejar de: to stop/to quit
36.dejar en paz: to leave alone
37. desde luego:of course/certainly

38.echar de menos: to miss
39.en absoluto: absolutely not
40.en cambio: on the other hand
41.en lugar de: in place of/instead of
42.en punto: on the dot/on the hour
43.en serio: no kidding/seriously
44.en todas partes: everywhere/all over the place
45.en vez de: instead of/rather than decir: in other words47.espero que no: I hope not
48.estar a punto de: to be about to
49.estar de pie: stand
50.estar de prisa: to be in a hurry

51.ganar tiempo: save time/gain time

52.hace mucho: long ago/a long time ago
53.hacer caso: to pay attention
54.hacer cola: to line up/to stand in line
55.hacer daño: be harmful/cause harm
56.hacer falta: to lack/to be needed
57.hay que: one must/ be necessary to
58.hoy en día: nowadaysI al grano: get to the point

60.llevarse bien con: to get along well with
61.lo importante: the important thing
62.lo mismo: the same thing/the same
63.lo único: the only thing

64.más allá: beyond
65.más bien: rather/on thecontrary da igual: it’s all the same to me/I don’t care voy: I’m off
68.muy a menudo: very often/frequently
69.muy de vez en cuando: once in a blue moon

70.nada más: nothing else/that’s all siquiera: not even/not so much as hay de que: don’tmention it/no thanks are needed importa: it doesn’t matter tiene que ver: it’s beside the point/it’s got nothing to do with vale la pena: not worth the trouble/it isn’t worth it

76.para nada: at all
77.para variar: for a change
78.perder tiempo:waste time
79.por casualidad: by any chance/by coincidence
80.por fin: finally
81.por lo menos: at least
82.por supuesto: of course/by all means

83.querer decir: to mean/to mean to say

S me olvidó: it slipped my mind bien: even though
86.sin embargo: nonetheless/nevertheless
87.sin querer: without meaning to/by mistake
88.sobre todo: above all/most of all yo: it’s me90.subir de peso: put on weight

91.tener que: to have to
92.tener que ver: to have to do with
93.tener razón: to be right/to be in the right
94.todo el mundo: everyone
95.tomar el pelo: to pull someone’s leg/to kid
96.tratarse de: to be about

97.ya que: seeing that
98.ya terminé: I’m done/I’m finished
99.ya veremos: we’ll see

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