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Mexican Auto Insurance

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Receiving and sending mail in Mexico

Receiving and sending mail, even packages in Mexicali actually works.

This information is thanks to Laura Brito who lives in Mexico and says, “Help us help women learn a trade, stand up for themselves, strengthen families.”

Laura’s great website is at

I receive 100s of boxes a year via regular mail.  I will never EVER use UPS, FedEx or DHL again, as each time I am assessed taxes, and twice they have lost very important items.  One was a $8,000 order via UPS from the US that took me 2 years of fighting for them to finally admit they lost it, another was documents that cost me $2,000 US to replace.

I have never lost even 1 package from the US via Regular Mail.

I have an apartado postal (Mexican post office box) which is very secure, it costs me $300 pesos a year to have that address.  I have never paid taxes even once.  Of course I know how to manage that, by including invoices, never getting one that is more than $300 US as well.  Making sure something used is well marked as USED.

I send 1,000s of packages to the world (as my business is on the internet only, and we ship all items we sell to our customers), and the only ones that have been lost have been once in the USA.  I always buy tracking (registrado) for each one (20.50 pesos), and that allows me to track it in the USPS system as well.  So I know it was lost there, not here.

If you want to receive packages just make sure people send them to you via the Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes…that is the cheapest method or via First Class Mail.  Expect it to take anywhere from 8 days to 14 days to get here..things from China take about 1 month to get here.

Sincerely, Laura Brito

Note: Laura’s Jewelry Workshop is a small community workshop, deep in the heart of Mexico, focused on lifting women out of poverty. The workshop teaches jewelry making skills and sells the jewelry that is made by the students. The students are mentored by Laura and others until the student feels that she can offer her work for sale.  All donations are reinvested into the workshop. Laura sells some great items that you will not find anywhere else at the price. And, as she says, her shipping is sure.

One of Laura’s customers wrote (and you can see it on Laura’s website):

Reading this makes us even more proud to be doing business with Laura and the girls! We live, produce and sell our jewelry very for away – Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada – but we are always proud to tell our customers that our copper pieces come from Laura and the girls. Tell your students we talked about them a lot this morning at the market – half way across the world! We cannot recommend this shop highly enough to other jewelry makers! Awesome artisans… a wonderful story… and always-always friendly and efficient service… what more could we ask for! It is a pleasure and privilege to work with you and we hope to be doing so for many years to come! Joey and Christyna –