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Mexico Insurance

The Best Vet in Mexicali. People even bring their pets from the USA to see him!!

Dr. Rafael, the best veterinarian anywhere; he's close to the border, speaks English and has lived in Arizona! Click on his card, below, to send him an email!Click

The best lawyer we have ever used! Her office is in Calexico and she is licensed both in California and Mexico.

Christian Limon, is with the Marcus Family Law Center, PLC, in El Centro (founded in 1974). She brings a comprehensive set of skills and expertise to assist her clients. She is licensed as an attorney both in Mexico and California, with her international practice in California and Mexicali. Her emphasis is family law, including cross-border custody and family support issues. Christian is also experienced in cross-border contracts and bi-national litigation (civil, commercial, family, and labor), advising several US companies in Mexico, including real estate development and maquiladora operations.

Christian is a Spanish/English interpreter with a focus on legal documents and legal proceedings, as well as a California Notary. She is a member of the California BAR, Imperial County Bar Association, ANADE (Mexican Association of Corporate Attorneys) and AEM (Mexican Entrepreneurs Association).

Marcus Family Law Center, PLC

Help in the Days of the Pandemic (something we all need)

Mexicali’s Medical Lane for Fast Border Crossing

On April 30, 2012 the Mexicali Department of Tourism opened a special lane at the West Port of Entry border crossing. The purpose of this program is to benefit people from the US that visit the city’s doctors, dentists and pharmacies by reducing the wait time at the border crossing. Below is additional information regarding this program.

Information on the Medical Lane Program:
• The Medical Lane is available to all US residents
• Lane is available for cars only – no access to pedestrians
• Patient’s car must have U.S. license plate
• The lane is located on the West Port of Entry into Calexico
• Open on Monday-Saturday from 9 am to pm; and from 4pm to 8pm
• Sundays from 9am to 2pm
• Passes will be given out at the physician’s discretion and a fee may apply
• The lane has a “tourist police” 24 hours a day to prevent abuse

Procedures to use Medical Lane:
• Patient needs to seek services with a PCMI participating provider (list below)
• Patients will receive receipts for the services and a lane pass (see example below)
• 1pass per patient per consultation-office visit
• At the lane’s entrance, the patient must present the pass and receipts
• A maximum of 5 persons are allowed in the automobile

Participating Providers who can give you the pass *
Dr. Carlos Diaz, Av. Madero 998, Mexicali Orthodontist
Clinica Madero
Hospital de la Familia Santa Catalina
Dr. Jorge Tellez
Hospital Almater
PROMED Grupo Medico
Dr. Alejandro Mendoza
Dr. Margarita Encalada
* This is only a partial list. As we get more information we shall expand it.

Doctors, etc. who qualify and wish to be added to the list can inform us at


The list

(Note: We are not sure of the accuracy of this list even though it was given to us at the border crossing. Please contact the doctor to ask if he can give you the pass)

 (Note: Two streets, Madero and Obrigan, are very close to the border, and run parallel to the border fence. Most of the best doctors are located on these two streets.)

First, here are the doctors we have used and can guarantee that they can give you the Medical Pass
They are also excellent in their professions.


Dr. Carlos Dias Duarte
Av. Madero 998
Tel. 554-0041
*Excellent, we have used him.

Gastrointestinal Surgery

Dr. Juan Francisco Arellano
Ramos Av. Madero 1060
Col. Nueva
Torre de Almater
Tel. 553 5340
*Excellent, we have used him.

Dr. Alejandro Nuricumbo Vazquez
Av. Reforma 1006
Tel. 552 2044


Dr. Alfonso Curiel Meza
Calle “L” 998 Col. Burocrata
Tel. 554 2953 & 554 2021

Dr. Elias Garica Flores
Av. Madero 1060
Col. Nueva Torre de Almater Suite 108
Tel. 552 21 25


Dr. Jose Contreras Carazo
Av. Reforma 719-2, Zona Centro
Tel. 553 5820

Dr. Fernando Mendoza Lizola
Calle H 252 Col. Nueva
Tel . 554 8444

Dr. Armando Padilla Loreto
Av. Reforma 687 Zona Centro
Tel. 554 1117
Dr. Francisco Elias Torres
Cota Av. Lerdo 1230
Tel. 552 5056


General Surgery

Dr. Aaron Valdez Yanez
Av. Madero 1189
Tel. 554 1850

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Maurice Adalberto Aceves Guirard
Av. Madero # 987
Col. Nueva
Cel. (686) 238 49 69

Dr. Gustavo Gaspar Blanco
Ave. Madero 1290
Plaza Espana Suite 17
Tel. 552 9266

Dr. Dagoberto Martinez
Gonzalez Av. Madero 998- 7
Tel. 582 0050

Dr. Victor Manuel Ramirez Hernandez
Calle “B” 258, Segunda Seccion
Tel. 554 1348

Dr. Angel Eduardo Valenzuela Acosta
Av. Madero 573
Tel. 554 3254


Dental Surgery

Dr. Ben Hur Zuniga
Av. Madero 1290
Col. Nueva
Tel. 555 6162

Dr. Gabriel Fco. Hurtado Gallego
Av. Obregon 783
Zona Centro
Tel. 552 4007

Ora. Ofelia Juarez Esquivel
Av. Madero 436
Tel. 552 90 14

Ora. Ana Marfa Noriega Rodriguez
Av. Madero 150 local 3
Tel. 554 17 13

Ora. Karina Montiel Mendivil
Av. Madero 150-4
Tel. 554 1269

Ora. Elsa Alejandra Munoz
Av. Ignacio Zaragoza 1398
Tel. 554 2419

Ora. Gilda Patricia Pimentel Miranda
Av. Rfo Culiacan 899-6
Col. Pro­ Hogar
Tel. 567 4290

C.D. Marfa Del Carmen Rivera
M. Av. Madero 1189
Tel. 553 50 15


Ora. Marfa de los Angeles Ar­guelles Mercado
Calle “B” 248,
Tel. 553 5627

Family Dental Integral
Calz. Macristy de Hermosillo # 1022,
Tel. 567 3000 & 564 5533

Dr. Carlos Alejandro Martinez Ramirez
Av. Colonl 198
Col. Nueva
Tel. 551 0010

Dr. Miguel Urrutia C.
Av. Madero 704,
Zona Centro
Cel. (686) 147 4165

Dr. Jose Encarnacion Perez Lopez
Av. Madero 150 suite 5
Tel. 553 5580


Ora. Mireya Ordonez Herrera
Dr. Enrique Gerardo Montemayor Vera
Av. Madero 1173 suite 6
Tel. 555 6000

Maxilofacial Surgery

Dr. Sergio Eduardo Dominguez Navarrete
Av. Madero 783
Tel. 552 4631


Dr. Hector Javier Green Garcia
Av. Reforma 922-A
Tel. 554 9292

Dr. Gonzalo Enrique Llamas Flores
Av. Islas de Malta 252
Tel. 556 5717

Ora. Marfa Lucila Lanz Oliver
Dr. German Arturo Ramirez Barreto
Calle “H” 224
Tel. 553 54 77

Ora. Francisca Padilla Padilla
Av. Zaragoza 1960-E
Col. Nueva
Tel. 554 0167

C.D Jose Carlos Perez Saldamando
Av. Nicolas Bravo 263
Zona Centro
Tel. 553-54-07


Dr. Carlos Dias Duarte
Av. Madero 998
Tel. 554-0041
*Excellent, we have used him.

Dr. Cuitlahuac Aguirre Limon
Calz. lndependencia 317
Tel. 564 3868 & 564 3861

Dr. Ramon Cosme Vela
Calle “F” 1349
Tel. 553 2523

Dr. Antonio Estrada Valenzuela
Av. Reforma #990-A
Tel. 552 4994 & 552 4546

Dr. Raul lqueda Campa
Calle Altamirano 110
Tel. 552 5334

Dr. Gustavo Alonso Mexfa Moreno
Av. Bravo 291
Tel. 554 97 83

Dr. Jose Ruben Moreno Morales
Rfo Presidio N. Antonio Torres 1300
Col. Industrial
Tel. 564 0503 & 567 7931

Ora. Nancy Neri Iniguez
Av. Madero 1290, Plaza Espana
Tel. 553 6334

Dr. Jose Fernando Portela Origel
Av. Madero 1090-1
Tel. 554 2208

Dr. Jose Ramos Garcia
Ora. Veronica Castro
Av. Madero 712
Tel. 554 8727

Dr. Rafael Rebelin Manriquez
Calle “E” 460-C Col. Industrial
Tel. 555-4194

Dr. Gustavo Ivan Sanchez
Valdivia Av. Madero 1398
Tel. 552 4370

Ora. Tely Adriana Soto
Castro Av. Madero 1615
Tel. 554 3761

Dr. Javier Eugenio Venegas Rodriguez
Av. Herreras 550
Col. Burocrata
Tel. 554 6150 & 554 55 21


Ora. Emma Araceli Agustin Carapia
Madero 1090-3
Col. Nueva
Tel. 554 1649

Ora. Marfa Elena Leal Huacuja
Av. Reforma 990-4 Altos
Zona Centro
Tel. 554 0503

Oral Rehabilitation

Dr. Armando Gutierrez Vaca
Av. Madero #522
Tel. 552 9588


Dr. Jorge Alberto Ibarra
Dra. Priscila Ibarra
Av. Madero 703
Zona Centro
Tel. 552 3672


Dr. Rene Arroyo de
Anda Av. Madero 1290
Tel. 552 6060

Dr. Horacio Ham Pujol
Av. Madero 1290
Col. Nueva
Tel. 555 6591

Dr. Fernando Nunez
Verdugo Av. Reforma 1809
Col. Nueva Tel. 552-6840 y

Dr. Jose Antonio Ordonez
Calderon Av. Madero 1173-5
Segunda Secci6n, Ordonez y
Herrera A P.
Tel. 552 2593

Gastrointestinal Surgery

Dr. Juan Francisco Arellano
Ramos Av. Madero 1060
Col. Nueva
Torre de Almater
Tel. 553 5340
*Excellent, we have used him.

Dr. Sergio Castro Ibarra
Av. Madero 1303
Tel. 555 7311

Jose de Jesus Mayagoitia Witron
Av. Reforma 1061 suite 6
Tel. 552 2400


Ora. Luz Ma. Bravo Gonzalez
Calle “D” 258
Col. Nueva
Tel. 582 4344

Dr. Jorge Casellas Moreno
Calle “H” #252-2
Col. Nueva
Tel. 552-22-42 & 552-8488

Dr. Ney Edgardo Cano
Av. Madero No 1303
Col. Nueva
Tel. 553 7311 y 555 73 11

Ora. Deborah Godinez Zavala
Av. Madero 1303
Tel. 555 7311

Dr. Ricardo Llamas Garcia
Av. Reforma 999-11
Tel. 554 1016

Ora. Araceli Vazquez Briseno
Calle “H” 252
Col. Nueva
Tel. 554 5786

Medical Groups

Nova Med Unidad Medica
Av. Obregon 927
Tel. 553 4790


Clinica de Especialidades Interna­cional de Mexicali
Av. Michoacan 1870
Col. Pueblo Nuevo
Tel. 553 8701

Hospital Almater
Av. Madero 1060
Col. Nueva Tel. 523 8000

Hospital De la Familia
Circuito Brasil 82
Parque Industrial el Alamo
Tel. 565 7555

Hospital Hispanoamericano
Av. Reforma #1000
Tel. 552 2300

Sanatorio Santa Catalina
Reforma 1809
Col. Nueva
Tel. 552 9025 & 552 5693

Sanatorio Quiroz
Uxmal 1000
Col. Esperanza
Tel. 557 7600 & 555 1343

Sports Medicine

Dr. Jesus Hernandez Ruiz
Calz. Milton Castellanos 1149
Fracc. Calisss
Tel. 554 8108

General Practice

Dr. Jose Antonio Rodriguez Sanchez
Av. Reforma 925-L7
Zona Centro
Tel. 553 6979


Dr. Javier Salvador Arias Tapia
Calle Bravo
220 Zona Centro
Tel. 554 1772

Dr. Rebeca Loustaunau Rosas
Av. Zaragoza 1808
Col. Nueva
Tel. 554 0722 & 554 8294

Dr. Alejandro Mendoza Martinez
Av. Madero 1290-11
Tel. 554 0607

Dr. Jose Luis Meneses lmay
Calle “H” 252
Col. Nueva
Tel. 553 6556

Ora. Laura Isabel Vicente Alvarez
Av. Nicolas Bravo 137
Tel. 552 6463


Dr. Jorge Valenzuela Vidrio
Av. Reforma 999
Tel. 551 9954


Ora. Luz Marina Cadena Gomez
Calle “H” 252
Col. Nueva
Tel . 551 9490


Centro Oftalmologico Dr. Aguilar
Av. Madero 901
Tel. 552 9720

Curiel Vision Center
Calle “L” 998
Col. Burocratas
Tel. 554 2953 & 554 2021

Dr. Guillermo Trejo
Centro Oftalmologico de Mexicali
Madero 987
Col. Nueva
Tel . 552 2415

Dr. Jose Luis Villa Aja
Av. Reforma 1277
Col. Nueva Tel. 552 3083


Dr. Victor
Mora A.
Av. Obregon 901
Tel. 552 3821

Ora. Celia Soto Colins
Av. Obregon 901
Tel. 553 6829

Surgical Oncologists

Dr. Andres Noriega L.
Av. Obregon 901
Tel. 553-6829


Dr. Alfredo Penagos Paniagua
Av. Madero 1368
Tel. 553 5300

Dr. Humberto Carlos Torres Valdes
Av. Madero 1059
Tel. 553 4161


Ora. Erika Garcia Codina
Av. Reforma 1780 Col. Nueva
Tel. 554 4092

Dr. Elver Jimenez Diaz
Av. Zaragoza 1806 Col. Nueva
Tel. 552 8146


Dr. Miguel A. Sanchez Gonzalez
Av. Obregon 927 Novamed
Tel. 553 4790 & 552 90 67

Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Heriberto Solano Larranaga
Av. Obregon 1160
Tel. 552 5359

Pediatrici Infectologist

Dr. Guillermo Francisco Rosales Magallanes
Unidad Medica Reforma
Av. Reforma 1533-1
Tel . 553 4526


Ora. Graciela Castellares
Centro neuropedriatrico de Mexicali S.C
Madero 998
Tel. 553 1333


Ora. Laura Maria Gisela Dehesa Sanchez
Clinica de las pies de Mexicali
Calle Bravo 699
Tel. 554 1259 & 552 5859


Dr. Rene Rodriguez Singh
Madero 627-8
Tel. 552 58 02