Synergy Spanish

This system teaches you Spanish, the easy way - not the academic way. With only 138 words you will be speaking Spanish.


The Best Vet in Mexicali!

Dr. Rafael, the best veterinarian anywhere; he's close to the border, speaks English and has lived in Arizona! Click

Mexican Auto Insurance

This company has been with us since 2008. They are the oldest and best established insurer for those of you travelling to Mexico.
Mexico Insurance

Crossing the border into Calexico

Crossing the border into Calexico from Mexicali can be an interesting experience […]

Thanksgiving in El Centro

MaryAnn, Jim and Matthew visit friends for Thanksgiving in El Centro. […]

We get stopped crossing the border into the U.S.

Jim and I get stopped and sent to Secondary Inspection by the U.S. Border Patrol in Calexico. […]

Mexicali in October

Weather is beautiful in Mexicali in October. […]

Clean solar energy production and products from Mexicali

There is a $500 million project to build a clean energy facility near Mexicali, Mexico to produce solar energy products and electricity from solar energy. […]

A Tale of Two Wal-Marts

For a comparison of Wal-Mart Mexicali with Wal-Mart Calexico, Wal-Mart Mexicali wins hands down. […]

The second anniversary of my Tarlov cyst operation

The second anniversary of my Tarlov cyst operation and how I’m doing. […]

Missy and her six kittens

Missy the stray cat had six kittens behind our water heater – fortunately, turned off. […]

Mexicali’s Women’s Hospital (it’s for men too)

The Hospital de la Mujer, (Women’s Hospital) right on the California border in Mexicali is the cleanest, best hospital you can find. It has everything, and is for men and children as well as for women. […]

Trip to the oldest Methodist church in Mexicali

Group from Beaverton, OR, makes a charity trip to El Divino Redentor, the 90 year old Methodist church Mexicali. […]